Who has the cheapest car insurance?

My first blog post and it’s not about restaurants, what a shocker!

I thought it would be interesting to write about something I’m going through right now.

As you probably know I’m lucky to live in New Jersey ( Not sarcasm!). We have a lot of restaurants unfortunately we also have a lot of car accidents, and because of this our insurance premiums are though the roof!

Every few years I compare insurance companies and switch if I can get a better deal. Well now’s that time where I shop around and compare companies. I’ve already found a few decent ones. I don’t go on the big company sites to compare insurance. I use aggreators like: autoinsurancemonkey.com to find and compare companies.

What surprise is me that of everyone I know, only two other people do this. Most of my friends and family manually apply to 2-3 companies.

I think that’s crazy

  1. It takes way to long
  2. You’re only comparing 2-3 companies

Here’s a tip to everyone reading this. Compare, compare and compare some more!

The more insurance companies you compare the better deals you’ll find. The site above has a great guide on this: who has the cheapest car insurance. Here’s the answer: No one!

I’ve changed 6 insurance companies the past 13 years. Most people don’t change insurance companies unless something catastrophic happens with their current company. The best way to get cheap auto insurance is to compare car insurance companies people.

I know it can be annoying, but the savings are worth it. Right now I’m saving an extra $40, thats enough for me to go to a decent restaurant and even have a few drinks :). And that’s a $40 saving with full coverage auto insurance to boot!~

What do you guys do to save some extra money for your restaurant trips? ( other than just working more!)


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