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restaurant reviews

Welcome to Dineal Garve

Your one stop shop for restaurant reviews and more. I’m the blog owner Johnny, or you can call me Dineal. I started this blog to review local restaurants in New Jersey and to do much more, like blog about my life and all the crazy thing’s I see and do. But enough about me, let’s talk about who this site is for:

  • If you live in NJ
  • If you like eating out
  • If you have a sense of humour!

That’s all you need to enjoy this blog. Have a question or want me to review your restaurant? Please email me at I don’t check my email often so you may have to be patient.

If I don’get back to you in 1 month, email me again please!

Also all my reviews are unbiased, and I PAY for all my meals. So if you’re restaurant is up to par I would recommend not calling me! Since I have a duty to my readers to be honest.